Brave is a Four Letter Word

You may be wondering what I mean by my recent blog post title “Brave is a Four Letter Word.” Emma has always been a dare devil. I would say at least three times a week I have a parent ask me how old she is, comment about how gutsy she is or admire her athletic abilities. Hence, Emma is the four letter word I am referring to in my blog post title.

I’ve often questioned whether AJ and I should continue to feed her fearlessness. While she often makes my heart jump out of my chest, I wouldn’t want it any other way. As long as she is staying safe, having fun and loving what she does, I will let her continue to test her limits.

This week I am wrapping up two articles- one for on essential oils for runners and one for updating the growth and changes of women’s triathlon as an NCAA emerging sport. I hope I can finish them both before we head up to Winter Park and Devil’s Thumb for a little ski weekend!

Here are a few photos of Emma at climbing class at ABC Climbing this morning. Have a great week everyone!







A New Adventure

Since the birth of Emma, I’ve tried to balance a love of being creative with trying to be the best mom I could be. Some days it has been easy, and some days it has been hard. It might mean writing an article, completing a project I pinned on Pinterest or even sitting down to do a craft with Emma. At some point over the past 30 months, writing has lost its luster or at least what I’ve been writing about. Breaking into the child/parent writing market has been slow going, but I am determined to keep at it.

While every day with Emma is a new adventure, especially while we navigate the toddler years, I decided that I wanted to really give this new type of writing a shot this year. During a casual email conversation with a writing friend, she suggested I start a blog to help break into a difficult field. I was hesitant, but here I am finally taking her advice.

Twenty four days into 2016, I’ve decided to make it a goal to update my blog three to four times a month. Who says New Years Resolutions have to be made on January 1st?


Chasing Rainbows

When I was a baby, my mother would sing “You are my Sunshine” to me. Going back and forth with nursery themes, I finally decided to use the song as the theme when we found out we were having a girl. The day Emma was born started out as a cloudy and rainy day. But as the day wore on and Emma was closer to making her entrance to the world, the clouds broke and the sunshine came. And that is how life has been with Emma ever since. Yes there are days that aren’t perfect (rainy), and I feel like I would rather be back working a full time job. But, even on those days a giggle, a smile or hearing “Mama” can make a world of difference.

I took the cover photo for my blog when I was out running in the rain in Steamboat Springs this past Labor Day weekend. The view reminded me of Emma and how you can find a little ray of sunshine in even the hardest of times. Thank you Emma for being the silver lining in the clouds- for being my little ray of sunshine!