Navigating New Territory

On Tuesday, we had signed up to do a fun Valentine’s chocolate craft event at the library. Seeing that milk chocolate has dairy in it, I knew we could no longer attend. I mean seriously, how do you keep a two year old from not sneaking some into their mouths? It’s the first thing that Emma has had to really miss out on because of her allergy/intolerance, and it made this mama sad as I knew she would have really enjoyed it. It’s little things that are making it harder as we encounter them like when she couldn’t have a free cookie from the bakery at Target- the highlight of her visit there in the past! But, I’m getting better about anticipating and carrying alternatives. I made a dairy free coconut whip Oreo cake for a Super Bowl Party that she devoured. It made having to say no to the cheese plate and the cookies calling her name a bit easier. And, she hasn’t had any issues with her bowels in over a week now. She also said her tummy feels better! It sure sounds like we found our solution!

This morning, Emma had her Valentine’s dance recital, and then we had a blast at the park after Tales for Tots and handing out Valentine’s. She is such a performer. I love how she just goes for it and is always so proud of herself afterward!

IMG_2963 (1)
Jumping out during her “Candy Girl” performance

We are packing up for a trip to Florida to see the grandparents for a week of sun and sand. Now that Emma is older, we can really do so many more things. Hitting the beach, a dolphin encounter and some good old family time are on the agenda!  And, I am getting a glimpse of what travel with a child that has an allergy is like- more logistics for sure.

One of the most magical moments I have now that I’m trying to do more slow parenting is when Emma sits on my lap to put ponies in her hair. She is pretty on the go. But when we have that moment where she rests upon me, the world stops. Not being much of a girly girl growing up, I’m surprised such a moment would resonate with me. This morning we had one of those moments, and I just felt a peacefulness I didn’t want to end.


I saw this comic this morning that reminded me of slow parenting and of Emma who just loves those puddles! It also reminded me of how she wiped out yesterday in a pool of mud running home from the park. She was covered in from her jacket and pants to her boots and hands. She didn’t complain and instead of throwing her in the BOB and rushing home to change her, we took our time and had a nice run home together. We even stopped to jump in a few puddles.

In less than six months, she will be three and going to preschool. The time has flown and as she gets older, I am cherishing the time we have together more and more.

I sent off my NCAA update article and just wrapped up my article about the athletes and referee saving two bathers during 70.3 South Africa. I am also excited to be doing some child/parent type writing for Adventure Project. More details about that later….

Have a great end to your week!






One of Those Moms

After going to the doctor Tuesday afternoon, I became “one of those moms!” You know the ones- checking every ingredient on the package and grilling the waitress to see what is in such and such item on the menu. After almost 2.5 years of struggling with bowel issues, Emma’s Pediatric Gastro doc thinks she may be allergic to dairy. I’m happy that we might have a solution, but I wish Emma wasn’t so exposed to so many foods she loves that we now have to find substitutes for like cottage cheese. Instead of pinning fun craft ideas or things to sew lately, I’ve been pinning dairy free meal ideas.But, she is taking it like a champ so far enjoying chocolate almond milk and eating coconut yogurt. Emma has such a positive upbeat daily attitude that I should take more note of. I could stand to be a bit more positive in general.

We also changed Emma into a big girl bed. She loved being involved with rearranging the room and switching up the decor a bit with some mermaids. She’s gone four nights in a row sleeping through with no problem.

Books about Valentine’s Day from Arthur’s Valentine to The Day it Rained Hearts have been on our reading list this week. Emma has loved waking up to find a new heart every morning on her door stating something we love about her. It’s certainly easy to come up with things!

Wrapping up articles has been tough this week… everything is slow going! I’ll keep plugging away!

Emma wakes up to a new blue heart every morning stating something we love about her! 

Learning on the way

Reiterating my desire to make 2016 less about things and more about spending more quality time with Emma, I read a billboard, while driving with Emma to the zoo last Thursday, that said, “Be a dad to your kid today.” I found this really disturbing that people get so wrapped up in things (having the latest and greatest etc.), they have to be reminded to stop and be a parent. I’m guilty of doing it at times (especially too much time on my phone), but recently I’ve been working hard to try and use my time more wisely and savor all the phases with Emma.

These two recent articles I read have put a lot into perspective for me. The first one is by Elisette Carlson-the owner of SMACK! Media Although I’ve never met her in person, I have worked with some of her past colleagues and clients.

This other article talks about slow parenting.

Even though we are an on the go family by using my time more wisely, whether it be getting up a bit earlier or staying up a bit later, I’ve found that I can find more time for slow parenting. Life is much more enjoyable this way.

When we were up in Winter Park, I watched Emma look up at the sky arms wide open completely content at just watching the quiet snow fall down. In my mind all I could think about was rushing to get in a few more runs and return the rental equipment. But instead I allowed life to just slow down a bit. Was it really that important that she got in those last runs? No…. Just as Emma is a sponge and learning new things everyday, she teaches me new things everyday. I didn’t get a picture of Emma watching the snow, but it is the type of memory I will visualize in my head forever- a moment to just slow parent and enjoy the peacefulness of a snowfall with my little girl.

I’m excited about Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction, so hopefully spring is on the way! Although, Emma had a snow day from school yesterday. Maybe this is the last storm of the season? We had fun doing groundhogs crafts and reading “Go to Sleep Groundhog,” but now Emma is all about Valentine’s Day. It’s been a treat to see how excited Emma is getting for holidays no matter what they happen to be.


Celebrating 2.5

Emma turned 2.5 on Friday the 29th. The time has flown by. She truly has been a gift to both AJ and I filling a void we for so long tried to fill with other things.

Funky Donkey time

We began the 2.5 year old celebration by taking Emma to Sweets- a local coffee and ice cream place for some Funky Donkey ice cream.

Do we really need all this for three days?

We spent the weekend up in Winter Park skiing, tubing, swimming, fat biking and hanging out with some longtime friends from Highlands Ranch- the Sulzens. We had a great time celebrating all things Emma!

This week I’m finishing up an article on two race athletes and a race referee that saved two men from the rip tide during 70.3 Ironman SA for I’m also finishing my NCAA women’s triathlon update article for Have a great week everyone!



A Day In The Life

A day with Emma is nothing short of being action packed. It might begin with a morning class from dance to climbing to a trip to the park or the pool. Lately, our days have been ending in the basement in her jumpy castle. It just happens to line up with where AJ put the TRX straps making for some wild swinging and monkey imitations.

Having adventures and fun with Emma is what often feeds my soul. This year, I’ve decided it is the year of experiences and not stuff. I’ve been slowly reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up, and it has really helped me be able to let go of things. When I am finished, I look forward to the extra time I have to spend with Emma doing fun things and not tidying up.

Speaking of adventures…. We are off to Winter Park on Friday for a fun filled weekend! I can’t wait to hit Devil’s Thumb for some skate skiing and see Emma rip down the slopes at WP. I’m also looking forward to a trip to the beach to visit our parents in Florida in mid-February.

My article on masters runner Joanna Zeiger went live today on women’s, and I had a good conversation with Brad Hecker, who was an instrumental part in women’s triathlon being adopted as an NCAA Emerging Sport, yesterday for my article updating what is happening with the sport.

Here are some photos highlighting what a typical day with Emma is usually like. The photos aren’t all from one day, but they are a good representation of her passion for all things active! Be sure to click on the photos for captions. Enjoy and Happy Hump Day!






Brave is a Four Letter Word

You may be wondering what I mean by my recent blog post title “Brave is a Four Letter Word.” Emma has always been a dare devil. I would say at least three times a week I have a parent ask me how old she is, comment about how gutsy she is or admire her athletic abilities. Hence, Emma is the four letter word I am referring to in my blog post title.

I’ve often questioned whether AJ and I should continue to feed her fearlessness. While she often makes my heart jump out of my chest, I wouldn’t want it any other way. As long as she is staying safe, having fun and loving what she does, I will let her continue to test her limits.

This week I am wrapping up two articles- one for on essential oils for runners and one for updating the growth and changes of women’s triathlon as an NCAA emerging sport. I hope I can finish them both before we head up to Winter Park and Devil’s Thumb for a little ski weekend!

Here are a few photos of Emma at climbing class at ABC Climbing this morning. Have a great week everyone!







A New Adventure

Since the birth of Emma, I’ve tried to balance a love of being creative with trying to be the best mom I could be. Some days it has been easy, and some days it has been hard. It might mean writing an article, completing a project I pinned on Pinterest or even sitting down to do a craft with Emma. At some point over the past 30 months, writing has lost its luster or at least what I’ve been writing about. Breaking into the child/parent writing market has been slow going, but I am determined to keep at it.

While every day with Emma is a new adventure, especially while we navigate the toddler years, I decided that I wanted to really give this new type of writing a shot this year. During a casual email conversation with a writing friend, she suggested I start a blog to help break into a difficult field. I was hesitant, but here I am finally taking her advice.

Twenty four days into 2016, I’ve decided to make it a goal to update my blog three to four times a month. Who says New Years Resolutions have to be made on January 1st?