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Back on the Sticks

In my Bucket List for 40 blog post, I mentioned taking up something I used to do in the past but haven’t done in awhile. This weekend I made good on that, and I went skiing again for the first time in seven years.

I don’t love skiing. But, I don’t hate it either. Truth be told, I am a bit of a chicken shit when it all comes down to it. I know speed is my friend on the hill, but it scares me. But, skiing is something we can enjoy as a family. So, I got back on two sticks on Saturday up at Winter Park with the intention of skiing quite a bit next year and taking a lesson or two.

We had a great weekend in Granby/WP with friends. We stayed up at a friend’s parent’s home in Granby arriving Friday night. The hillside was lit up by the light of the full moon as the kids played and the adults talked.IMG_1931

The next morning we woke up to a sunny almost blue bird sky. It was already comfortable out as we got on the bus from the shuttle parking lot to the resort. After getting our lift tickets and rentals, we headed up to a great area with green and blue runs with our friends.IMG_1927

Sitting in the lift line, Emma was cool as a cucumber. I was nervous, but I didn’t want to show it especially around Emma. She has been my rock on many occasions, this being one of them. She always tackles new experiences with zest and confidence. Oh, the lessons she has taught me since becoming her mother!


We took a short green run to warm up the legs. Amazingly, it was like riding a bike. I just made a few turns, and we were at the bottom.

After a long lift line, we decided to try a different route than our friends. This ended up kind of being a mistake as we got separated and lost from our group. We ended up having to take a few longer green runs eventually meeting back up with them as they were finishing.

I was feeling tired and sore after falling and getting back up just to have a snowboarder clip my skis and fall a second time.IMG_1926 My knee was hurting, so I chose to enjoy the sun and a beer on the patio at Snoasis while the others did hot laps. I had a perfect viewing spot, and it was easy to spot AJ and Emma coming down. I imagined what they were talking about (more likely singing about for Emma), and enjoyed some quiet time.

After a few laps, I caught Emma and AJ as they passed by the lodge. The ladies and kiddos decided to head back down the mountain to have some waffles and start Après-ski time a bit early while the boys did a few more runs!


The boys met us around 4:30. After they had a quick beer, we headed for the bus to take us back to the car.

Smiling and sore, we enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner thanks to Cary’s parents and celebrated our friend Lance’s birthday! Sunday we lazed around after a big yummy breakfast and headed home! What a great weekend with friends!

Adventure On,

Written by courtthesport in March 15, 2017
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Weekend in the 80482

Back in September, when I ran a 10K at Snow Mountain Ranch, we went to a fall fair. We won an auction for a two night stay in a one bedroom condo in Winter Park for $75. This past weekend we used our gift certificate to spend the weekend skiing and tubing.

We began our adventure with a snowshoe up the east side of Berthoud Pass on the Continental Divide Trail Friday afternoon. Emma used her little Karhu K Boom skis to ski up the trail. She did great on the up. She really needed her downhill skis for the way down. She ended up falling a lot especially when she picked up any speed.

She really needed her downhill skis for the way down. She ended up falling a lot especially when she picked up any speed.

Every time she fell, she got back up with a smile on her face to try again. That is what is so amazing about our little 3.5 year old. She always gets back up and tries again. Her positive attitude has been very influential for me as I try to pitch all new outlets this year.

We headed to our condo for the night just as the sun went down. We cooked an easy spaghetti dinner and snuggled while watching Despicable Me.

We woke up and had pancakes for breakfast as we watched a light snow fall. As we were packing up to head out for a day at Snow Mountain Ranch, I remembered I forgot to pack our Nordic punch pass. Thankfully the good folks at SMR were nice enough to give us passes for the day after showing my email receipt from buying the punch card.

When you get day passes for Snow Mountain Ranch, it includes Nordic skiing/snowshoeing and other activities. That is a huge bonus about that place! It was gusty outside, so we started by going ice skating to get some buffer from the wind. Emma tried single blades for the first time. She did great making small glides along. We followed skating up with some tubing.

AJ took Emma for a skate ski in the Chariot to get her to nap. We left Snow Mountain Ranch around three and headed to the condo to grab our suits to go for a swim. We ended up riding the Cabriolet to the base area and had a yummy dinner slope side.

Sunday morning we took our time packing up and grabbed a coffee at one of our fav coffee places- Rocky Mountain Roasters before meeting friends at the ski hill. We figured Emma would just do a couple magic carpet runs, and we would head home after lunch. But, she was having a blast skiing with friends.

While we were having lunch, our friend Nicole asked if we wanted them to take her on the lift and down a longer run. Lance and Nicole taught both their sons to ski, so we knew she would be in good hands. After showing Emma the lift and part of the ski run, she was all for it.

Two chair lift rides and ski runs later, Emma was tired but still smiling. We hit the road for home and still made our friends’ Super Bowl Party by the end of the first quarter!

We have a weekend home before heading to Florida next week. We are looking forward to the warm weather and spending time outside.

Adventure On,


Written by courtthesport in February 7, 2017
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